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Meet Teté

I am Teté Brage. People usually define me as a creative, nerd, and even little witchery person, honesty, I'm very proud of it. In the past, I used to fear what others could think about myself; fortunately, life taught me to not be concerned about it.


I was born in the USA by chance; my parents are Spanish; I am super lucky to receive dual education and learn from the two cultures. Even when I spent mine in the hospital, I had a happy childhood. It may be difficult to understand, but most of my happy memories

are related to the time I spent there. I grew up surrounded by books, Disney movies, video games, and art and crafts materials.


The most challenging goal for me was returning to normality and fitting in with the school again. I had to re-learn how to have an everyday life, interact with people, and adapt to

the changes that cancer caused in my body. Don't be sad; I learned fast and remained bold.

I decided to study Communications because it was difficult for me to properly communicate when I left the hospital.


While studying, I noticed how relevant this skill is in human life. I decided to do a graphic design Master’s program to learn how to create more visual and global communication. Life has taught me to develop my problem-solving capacity.


I want to advance my inner world and powers to transform them into helpful things and shout my voice to the world.


I want to make my creativity my way to Communication.


The Color Witch

Learning  the magic in color


As an artist, I have always had a restless soul, a thirsty brain for knowledge and hand waiting to learn new techniques. I love to create. What? Whatever I can imagine. I work with various materials and tools to give life to my inner world, but textiles, watercolors, markers, and digital creations are my favorites. But I'm always experimenting and trying new tools and methods.


My works are colorful, funny, and playful, and I try to transmit a message visually. However, the most important goal for my art is to remind people to keep their inner child alive by staying playful, always learning, and discovering a new thing daily.


I want to say that I follow an organized and structured method, but that would be a lie. A constant in my work is the use of color as an essential tool to powerfully transmit the message. I always begin by doing research and brainstorming about what I would like to tell with my creation, secondly I imagine the message in colors, how the tone will vary if I change the chromatic choice and then my mind start to disperse  andI let my dragon take off and see where I arrive.

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