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Meet Corey

Corey Piccione is a Graphic Designer. Illustrator. Painter. Fashionista. Foodie. Corey is from Winchester, MA, just outside of Boston. Her work in the MAGD program focuses on fashion, painting, and exploring the idea of exclusivity in design. 


Corey received her bachelor's degree from the University of Rhode Island, where she studied fine arts. Her work is influenced by pop culture and creating shock-value. Corey loves working with mixed media such as fabrics and paint. Her background in painting is heavily seen in her work and led her to pursue graphic design.


When she isn't creating, you can most likely find her out to eat, grabbing a drink, hanging with friends and family, and enjoying life.



Jackie isn't just a brand, it's a lifestyle.


There is no better feeling than wearing something created by you and knowing its one-of-a-kind. Jackie was created as a solution to an ongoing problem of mine. I have always been very passionate about fashion and painting and found myself painting on my clothes, so much so I started to run out of clothing to paint on. This problem would never get solved until Jackie came along.


I created Jackie, a brand that features removable velcro patches for jean jackets. Each Jackie piece adds value to a jean jacket by giving it a fresh new look while staying timeless. I created a collection of ten Jackie pieces that are handmade and one-of-a-kind.


To understand Jackie, I created a commercial that showcases the everyday life of a Jackie owner. Each Jackie piece gives new life to just one jacket - giving you the power to create your own experience- the Jackie experience. I also created an Ad campaign that consists of five mini commercials highlighting the simplicity of Jackie.


Create your own Jackie experience.

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