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Meet Melissa

Melissa grew up in the Greater Boston area where her enthusiasm for design began with sewing, drawing, and ceramics.

Further exposure to artistic media throughout her youth resulted in obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Visual Arts and Counseling psychology where she further developed her skills. 


Being a lover of Pop-culture, anime, super heroes, and social media, Melissa sought to pursue a career where she would have the opportunity to create similar artwork for platforms which would be received by a wide audience and hopefully spark a new fire of artistic passion for others.


Through hard work and research, Melissa is currently completing the Master of Arts in Graphic Design (MAGD) program at Suffolk University, where she is using her thesis to explore the relationship of music and rhythm in design and its universality.



An exploration of rhythm through design


Rhythm is essentially time, and together with sound relates to music. These projects were a part of many explorations with sound and visual elements connected through the medium of collaging or layering. 


Taking pieces of daily life, such as audio recordings and magazines that I recontextualized as “sound collages”. Interactive posters along with the AR experiences are to invite the viewer into that “No still space”.


Recognizing that there is much we miss, when we do not take a step back. How everything from our heartbeats, pace, to our cadence when we speak comes back to rhythm is important. I enjoyed the intuitive, rhythmic making and layering with curated sounds. In this collection, you will see me play with no rules and how I expressed that through design.

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