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Meet Ebby

Ebtehal Afghani, Ebby if you struggle, a mother of three and a life advocate for her Daughter.

Living away from home and family for many years created a life learner! A stronger version of herself! Bright and neon colors, layering, and adding a multicultural perspective are Ebby’s secret ingredients to create her designs. Even though her journey through life was difficult, positivity in her work is valuable to provide ways for others to see the light in their darkest moments as well.

As a graphic designer, Ebby has the ability to create works of art that shine a light on my personal experiences. Her goal is to share her story throughout design, in order to spread awareness about the lack of accessibility for individuals with different abilities. Ebby works in a field of creativity with many opportunities present and many more to come. She can see her future self as a designer who’s advocating for change, for a better future, and for a cause. A question that is always on her mind: How can I inspire others who are facing challenges and difficulties? Ebby is determined to bring back all what she has learned from living away to her own society to create change.

Aside from the field of Graphic Design, a cup of coffee, iced or hot, always makes her day. Ebby’s kids are the reason for her existence. And YES!! Shopping and fashion styling are her meditation in life. 



Sharing my breakthrough moments after each difficult phase in my own journey


My work is all based on difficult phases throughout my life. It is intended to be overwhelming, with multiple layers, typography, colors, and multilanguage. That’s what living with a person with different abilities and medical challenges feels like. 

My goal through my designs is to provide comfort and support to others who are on similar journeys. I want them to have the strength to share their fears, challenges, frustration, and breakthrough moments. 

I’m presenting a large collection of posters that some have been curated physically and transferred digitally with an overload of hidden messages. 

Another collection of work is called “30 days of uncertainty” . This collection is curated day by day to express the emotions that I felt during a very tough and challenging month in my life. 

Determined to keep my work positive and encouraging, a third collection of motions was designed to conceptually show the strengths, blessings, and emotions that a human can go through in life. 

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